How to Decorate a Valentine's Box

How to Decorate a Valentine’s Box For Kids of All Ages

A Valentine’s box can be more than just an attractive way to store cards; it can also be an engaging craft project! These simple ideas can be done quickly and come in various themes suitable for children of any age.

Use a plain shoebox and decorate it using contact paper, construction paper, or wrapping paper for an eye-catching display! Give the box some flair with fun themes like this dinosaur design.

Let us explore how to decorate a Valentine’s Box For Kids of All Ages.

Make a Heart-Shaped Mailbox

Kids will adore collecting their Valentine’s cards in this delightful box made with paper mache boxes and red paint or wrapping paper. Easily create this fun display using paper mache containers and red wrapping paper or paint!

Cut a rectangular opening in the lid using a utility knife, and wrap it as a gift before securing it with tape.

Tissue boxes and wrapping paper make an accessible superhero mailbox! Add a tissue paper cape for an adorable touch – this makes an excellent presentation idea for boys!

Turn a Shoebox Into a Mailbox

Kids will adore collecting their Valentines in these adorable DIY boxes made of recycled materials and affordable craft supplies. Many of these craft ideas also use recyclable materials and cost-cutting craft supplies!

Make a shoebox into an instant mailbox by creating a slot in its lid large enough to hold cards, covering it in contact or construction paper, and adding spots or mane to create a pony box that will provide all your child’s Valentines in one convenient place!

Young astronauts will adore this rocket ship Valentine’s box! It is easy to decorate using red paper and some fun embellishments such as pompoms or other decorations, so budding astronauts are sure to enjoy building and decorating it themselves!

Make a Sloth Mailbox

Give the youngest members of your family something to keep their valentines organized this year with this adorable sloth box, perfect for storing all those deliciously sweet cards they receive from loved ones!

Be zoological with this adorable fox box! Your children can customize it by adding more construction paper cutouts or patterns on its fur.

Camping-loving families will adore this happy camper box, which can easily be assembled using scrap paper and colorful craft buttons.

Make a Paper Mache Mailbox

Your techy kids will be sure to love this emoji-inspired treat box. It comprises three layers of ruffled paper forming the body shape and tubular ears and eyes to complete its look.

An adorable box featuring a fox face and fluffy tail will delight kids of any age! Customization options include using extra patterned papers or construction paper cutouts to further their masterpiece.

A cereal or shoe box works beautifully as the basis for this exciting robotics project, with just a touch of silver paint finishing it off perfectly. Perfect for older kids to try!

Make a Rubik’s Cube Mailbox

Turn a simple cardboard box into an eye-catching Valentine’s Day card holder in no time with this quick craft! Covering it in contact paper, construction paper, gift wrap, or strips of wallpaper are all good options to cover it completely, and creating a ribbon handle slit is also helpful.

Kids will have fun creating an original box to store their class valentines and trinkets from school. From unicorns to monsters, these fun and easy boxes will delight them (and their classmates).

Make a Llama Mailbox

Kids will love this fun DIY Llama Valentine Box that will be the talk of their classroom! All it requires is a Kleenex box and some yellow craft paper cut to fit its sides and top, along with red heart eyes and black paper teeth for decoration. 

Simply glue these components in place!

Create an adorable horse-inspired surprise for your horse-loving child with this clever box idea! Cover a shoebox in construction paper and embellish it with ears, spots, a tail, and a mane for extra fun.

Make a Rocket Ship Mailbox

Children will love this fun and unique idea – you only need a few supplies to turn an ordinary tissue box into this adorable camera-shaped Valentine box!

Will-be astronauts will love this creative idea that uses only a cardboard box and some craft supplies they probably already own at home – this DIY rocket ship mailbox will delight any child who dreams of space travel!

Kids who adore books will adore this heart-shaped bookmark gift box. The box can easily be assembled using only basic supplies, including a Rae Dunn clay mug and other supplies.

Make a Bee Mailbox

If your child loves bugs, this bee box provides an entertaining and convenient way to store their Valentine’s cards. They will love using stamps and stickers to personalize their creation!

Bring some animal fun to Valentine’s Day with this fox box made of paper layers layered to form its body and tail, with construction paper adding extra details such as ears.

Add yellow duct tape to a shoebox for this cool robot card holder that your children can customize by attaching eyelets, tubular arms (made of dryer vent tubing or slinkies), patterned eyes, and tubular arms made from dryer vent tubes or slinkies for personalized character customization. Check out Skip My Lou’s tutorial!

Make a Unicorn Mailbox

Artsy Fartsy Mama offers this DIY craft as an engaging DIY project for children who adore unicorns. Repurposing an empty box and gift wrap by covering it in glitter scrapbook paper and adding fun features such as markers, felt, or cardboard to form the unicorn’s features is sure to bring lots of giggles.

One adorable idea involves turning an old cereal box into an owl craft. By adding wide eyes, layered feathers, and construction paper details – this project goes from basic to adorable in no time! Plus, it makes opening up Valentine’s cards much simpler.

Make a Dinosaur Mailbox

Kids of all ages will delight in dropping their Valentines into this adorable dinosaur box! For added delight, the instructions at Savvy Mama Lifestyle include turning it into a dragon box!

Pour green paint onto a plate and use a sponge brush to paint the top and sides of each pre-prepared box, as well as its tail and two small rectangles for eyes.

Cut two rounded cone-like shapes out of cardboard cones for upper horns. Next, use another cardboard cone to cut triangle-shaped lower horns.


In conclusion, decorating a Valentine’s box is a fun and creative activity that brings joy to kids of all ages. From whimsical designs to personalized touches, the possibilities are as vast as the imagination. Whether crafting with young children or tweens, the key is to make it a delightful experience that reflects the spirit of love and friendship. 

So, gather your craft supplies, let creativity bloom, and enjoy the heartwarming process of creating a Valentine’s box that adds a touch of sweetness to the season for kids of all ages. Happy crafting!





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