DIY Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas For Your Toddler's 2nd Birthday

DIY Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas For Your Toddler’s 2nd Birthday

Use primary colors and popular characters like Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster to make your toddler’s 2nd birthday party an exciting adventure! Start with a vibrant tablecloth featuring Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster imagery on its plates, cups, and napkins – then get party planning!

Add party games that capture the spirit of this iconic show – like this adorable pin the nose on Elmo game – for even more fun!

Let us discuss DIY Sesame Street birthday party ideas for your toddler’s 2nd birthday.

Table Setting

Peerspace member Beckett’s mom and dad celebrated Beckett’s birthday by throwing her an awesome DIY Sesame Street Party, complete with help from local craft stores and DIY tutorials, for an unforgettable celebration in their own home.

Setting the scene for a memorable birthday party requires an inviting and colorful table setting. Plates, cups, and napkins adorned with Elmo, Big Bird, or Cookie Monster will set the right atmosphere as guests indulge in delicious party food and drinks.

Cookie Monster-inspired cakes are a deliciously easy dessert option from Sally’s Baking Addiction that even novice bakers can create successfully. 

Elmo cookies and Cookie Monster Rice Krispie treats will add extra charm. Party favors like cute Sesame Street party goodie buckets can further reinforce any celebration theme; fill them with sweet treats, candy, or crayons for maximum effect!


When planning a Sesame Street birthday party for kids, ensure that food and drinks reflect their favorite show! Your young guests will be thrilled by colorful foods and beverages themed after Sesame Street characters!

Elmo pretzels are an adorable Sesame Street party snack idea! These mini pretzel twists are covered with red candy melts and decorative sprinkles before being decorated to look like Elmo with his chocolate cookie mouth and orange candy eyes – an easy recipe that tastes delectable!

Oscar the Grouch Salad – Another tasty idea for your Sesame Street birthday party is Oscar the Grouch Salad, made up of refreshing ingredients such as arugula, tomatoes, carrots, olives, and, of course, his beloved broccoli – making this salad both tasty and healthy! This will create an impressive centerpiece for your child’s celebration! It is suitable for toddlers as well as kids!

Kids of all ages will adore Cookie Monster popcorn. This tasty DIY is simple and can be completed even months in advance; plus, it looks fantastic when displayed on a dessert table! Why try adding the Pin the Cookie on Cookie Monster game into their play time for even more entertainment and amusement? An activity designed to entertain children for hours!


Your child will love seeing beloved characters from their favorite TV show at their birthday party! Create an Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, or Oscar the Grouch theme with decorations, food, and games by featuring characters like these in decorations, food, and games – they will love it.

DIY Cookie Monster Popcorn is an exciting and tasty treat for any Sesame Street party! Kids will enjoy licking off the popcorn as they play and munch away. Subscribers to Ellie Rose can access free printables for this recipe in the Ellie Rose Printable Library (for subscribers only).

This adorable Elmo Cake should not be missing from the celebration at your child’s Sesame Street party! Easy enough for beginner bakers to craft with its bright icing, adding extra charm – your guests will remember it for years.

Add alphabet-themed foods to your child’s Sesame Party by serving alphabet spaghetti or chicken nuggets, alphabet cookie cutters to shape sandwiches, pizza, fruit slices, jello, and cheese into character shapes or beverages like Big Bird’s sunny lemonade and Oscar Grouch punch – two must-have beverages at any Sesame Party!

Party Favors

Party favors effectively extend the theme of any special occasion or event into everyday life. For a 2nd birthday party, for instance, creating custom treat bags featuring Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo would make great favors that reflect their party theme – an easy DIY project you can start as early as two weeks before.

Party food and drinks should also evoke the vibrant world of Sesame Street. Plan a buffet of snacks like character-shaped finger sandwiches, fruit skewers, colorful cupcakes, Oscar’s Grouch Punch, or Big Bird Lemonade will complete the look of Sesame Street!

Add fun party games to your Sesame Street 2nd birthday to make it extra memorable for guests. Try activities such as a character hunt, pin the nose on Elmo game, or dance-offs to Sesame Street music – whatever will keep everyone occupied!

Organizing a Sesame Street 2nd birthday party can be an exciting idea for any little one who adores the show. By setting aside enough funds and brainstorming creatively, you can ensure an unforgettable celebration for your child!

Photo Shoot

“Sesame Street” makes an excellent birthday theme for kids. The adorable and iconic puppet characters, including Elmo’s red coat, Big Bird’s sunny yellow feathers, and Cookie Monster’s vibrant blue hair, can easily be incorporated into every celebration aspect, from cake toppers to party favors.

Party Ideas by a Pro suggests including alphabet-themed foods into your menu, such as spaghetti or chicken nuggets with alphabet-themed pasta; using alphabet cookie cutters to cut sandwiches, pizza slices, fruit slices, or jello into bite-size portions using alphabet cookie cutters is another idea for alphabet-themed food items.

Don’t forget the games! For this Sesame Street-inspired party, they included classic ring toss and Oscar the Grouch pinata-making DIY projects! Add an exciting spin by turning it into a stuffed animal dispenser pinata!


In wrapping up our exploration of DIY Sesame Street birthday party ideas for your toddler’s 2nd birthday, it’s clear that you can transform your home into a vibrant and whimsical Sesame Street haven with a bit of creativity and some simple DIY touches. 

From colorful decorations and character-inspired treats to engaging activities and personalized party favors, the possibilities for crafting a memorable celebration are as endless as Elmo’s infectious giggles.

The beauty of a Sesame Street-themed party lies in its ability to bring joy to both the birthday child and guests alike. Whether you’re introducing your little one to their favorite characters or rekindling nostalgic memories for the adults, this theme creates an atmosphere of fun and laughter.





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