The Friendliest Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets

Golden Retrievers make great family pets due to their gentleness and calmness.They're recognized for being loyal, kind, and good with youngsters.

Golden Retriever

With their adorable faces and wide grins, you can't help but smile when you see a Pug. These friendly dogs love people, cuddles, and affection.


Loyal and eager to learn, the Border Collie loves being around people. Naturally, this makes them excellent working dogs and are best-known for their work on the farm herding sheep.

Border Collie

Thanks to their kind and loving nature, cute appearance, and high intelligence, the Labradoodle makes a great addition to the family.


A Dalmatian is typically loyal and highly energetic. They're generally very good with kids and are usually friendly to people.


The French Bulldog is a playful and energetic breed with a hugely lovable personality, in an adorable miniature size.

French Bulldog

These adorable little dogs love to receive all the attention they get for their distinctive appearance. You can easily greet and pat a Pomeranian with no trouble at all.


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