9 Products That'll Save Your Damaged, Brittle Nails After Peeling Off A Gel Manicure

Nail Strengthening Polish

This is a specialized nail polish formulated with ingredients to strengthen the nails, providing a protective layer.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is applied to the cuticles and nail bed to moisturize, preventing dryness and promoting healthier nails.

Nail and Cuticle Balm

Similar to cuticle oil, a balm is a richer, more concentrated form of moisturizer for the nails and cuticles.

Nail Growth Serum

These serums often contain vitamins and nutrients like biotin that support nail growth and overall nail health.

Nail Hardener

A nail hardening treatment is designed to reinforce the nail structure and prevent further damage.

Gentle Nail Buffer

Soft nail buffers are used to smooth the nail surface without causing additional harm.

Cotton Gloves

Wearing cotton gloves overnight after applying a treatment helps to lock in moisture and promote healing.

Biotin-Infused Nail Masks

Biotin is a B-vitamin known for supporting hair and nail health. Masks can provide an intensive treatment.

Hydrating Hand Cream

Regular hand cream application helps to keep the hands and nails moisturized, preventing further damage.

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