Interior Design Tips:  Insider Tricks From Top Designers

Have courage in your decorating choices and cover all your walls in the same wallpaper rather than restricting it to just one.

Wallpaper The Whole Room

Sometimes decorative details in unusual alcoves can create a wow factor – like this Milanese-inspired take on bathroom tiles.

Create An Installation

Layer textiles and wallpapers of different sizes to create a cozy look. Use wallpaper rolls or offcuts for a bookshelf. Display cherished books and items.

Use Print Within Shelves

Mixing patterns with a similar story will help your room look coherent. For bold graphic patterns like geometrics and checks, keep your florals clean and simple.

Be Consistent With Styles

An upholstered banquette across two walls not only provides ample seating as part of the dining room but it also creates a sense of intimacy around the table.

Make Dining Intimate

Brand new furniture is wonderful, of course, but decorating with antiques will create an atmosphere that new pieces just can't.

Source Upscaled Furniture

Layering in a room is hugely important for adding both comfort and extra color and pattern.

Add layers To Create Comfort

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