Crafting An Eclectic Gallery Wall

Browse online platforms like Pinterest or Instagram for gallery wall inspiration. Identify color schemes, layout ideas, and diverse art styles that resonate with you.

Collect Inspiration

Decide on a theme or concept for your gallery wall. It could be based on a specific color palette, a particular art style, or a theme that reflects your personality and interests.

Theme or Concept

Gather theme-related art, photos, prints, and artifacts. Consider adding postcards, trinkets, or significant quotes.

Gather Art and Objects

For a cohesive look, choose a consistent frame style or color for your artwork. This will help tie together diverse pieces and create a unified appearance.

Frame Consistency

Measure the wall space where you plan to hang your gallery wall. Use these measurements to recreate the layout on the wall, marking the position for each frame.

Measure and Plan

Begin hanging your gallery wall with a central piece that acts as the focal point. Arrange other pieces around it, maintaining a sense of balance and symmetry.

Start with a Centerpiece

Consider lighting to accent things or give atmosphere. Wall-mounted sconces, picture lights, and string lights can improve aesthetics.

Add Lighting

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