9 ways Parisians Make Classic Prints Feel Contemporary

Parisians embrace eclectic looks by combining classic prints like stripes or polka dots with unexpected patterns for a bold, modern twist.

Mixing Prints

Choose contemporary accessories such as sleek handbags or trendy sunglasses to update and complement classic prints for a fresh, modern appeal.

Accessorize Wisely

Add a contemporary touch by layering classic prints with modern pieces like leather jackets or structured blazers, creating a stylish and updated ensemble.


Elevate classic prints with modern footwear. Bold and unique shoes serve as a focal point, infusing a touch of current fashion into the overall look.

Statement Shoes

Opt for a sophisticated aesthetic by incorporating classic prints into a monochromatic color scheme, providing a modern and cohesive appearance.

Monochrome Styling

Choose well-fitted, modern silhouettes when wearing classic prints. Tailored pants, structured blouses, or contemporary dresses add a fresh perspective.

Tailored Silhouettes

Keep it simple by focusing on one classic print paired with neutral, modern pieces. A minimalist approach allows the print to stand out without feeling dated.

Minimalist Approach

Integrate current fashion trends into classic prints with trendy accessories or pieces, adding a contemporary flair and staying on point with the latest styles.

Incorporate Trends

Update classic prints with unexpected color combinations. Playing with bold or unconventional hues breathes new life into traditional patterns, ensuring a modern and vibrant look.

Experiment with Colors

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