9 Country Curtain Ideas

Hang Double-Height Curtains

Having a double-height area with lots of glazing doesn't mean no curtains. They can even decorate repurposed barns, haylofts, and stables.

Add Detailing With Trimmings

A white sheer lets soothing light in while providing privacy. Delicate stitching adds a delicate touch to a simple pattern.

Add A Pelmet

You might choose to fit a pelmet across the top of the window to conceal the track. You can also use a pelmet as a decorative feature or to create the illusion of height.

Line Curtains

Although some lighter weight fabrics are suited to a relaxed look, most curtain fabrics benefit from lining to boost the quality of their drape, as well as protecting the face fabric from sunlight.

Choose Curtains That Match Room Colors

If you need something quick and economical for conventional windows or basic voile panels or curtains for a small window, ready-made curtains are great. 

Combine Curtains With Shutters

Country houses also benefit from shutters where possible as well as curtains not only for practical reasons but together they frame the window and set off the view.

Dress A Country Bedroom For Comfort

Simple patterns and tonal shades are the way to go in these spaces, as it is primarily an area for rest and relaxation

Get Curtain length Just Right

Cottage or dormer windows suit curtains to the windowsill, while floor-length is the the best for tall sash windows and bays.

Sheer Curtains

Sheers provide a lovely and gentle touch to a country window which beautifully filter light into a room.

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