8 ways To Glam Up An Alcove

Working from home will continue, therefore more individuals have had to be imaginative with work places. Alcove offices are ideal for individuals without a spare room or in small locations.

A mini home office

Alcoves can be used for storage and amusement. Bespoke cabinetry may exhibit your wine, glassware, and cocktail kit in larger alcoves, while bar carts work in smaller ones.

A chic cocktail bar

Whether it's classic built-in cabinetry or contemporary floating shelves, a library is a traditional solution to an alcove.

A compact library

An alcove can be the perfect spot to get away from the rest of the home, armed with a good book and a cup of tea.

A cosy reading corner

Log storage and freestanding stove features work well for slim or narrow alcoves, and make a nice feature in a room.

A Scandi stove feature

We can never have enough storage, and alcoves provide essential space to store and hide away all the clutter.

Savvy storage

Recessed windows can add seating to a small area. A fitted seat with an upholstered top and hidden storage is ideal for this nook, but a freestanding ottoman works well.

A window seat

Breakfast bars are having a moment because kitchens are shrinking and dining tables are becoming WFH areas. With a floating workstation and stylish bar stools, this alcove may be created cheaply.

A breakfast bar

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