8 Effective Ways To Stop Cats Pooping In Your Garden

Don't Offer Them Food

Don't leave food out for stray or neighbouring cats, as they are more likely to return.Cats will relish the chance to eat your leftovers, but may also injure themselves walking on broken bones from cooked meat.

Keep Flower Beds Watered

Cats dislike wet soil, so keeping those flowerbeds well watered will stop them pooping in your garden and crushing your plants.

Install An Automatic Spray

Designed for outdoor use, water repellers are a humane way to deter cats and other animals from hanging around your garden.

Make It Difficult To Enter The Garden

From close-boarded fences to privacy-giving shrubs, keep nosey cats away by making it difficult for them to enter your garden.

Use Scent Deterrents

Cats are smell-sensitive, yet some fragrances they loathe may surprise you.Try cayenne pepper, orange and lemon peels.You can sprinkle drops straight on flower beds or wet cotton wool around them.

Install An Ultrasonic Deterrent

Much like water-based deterrents, invest in an ultrasonic cat repellent that emits a high-pitched frequency to scare cats.

Pebbles and Rocks

Cats prefer smooth and soft surfaces to walk on than bristly ones, so why not try covering parts of your garden with stone chippings, rocks, small pebbles or netting.

Build A Cat-Safe Area

And if you don't mind having cats in your garden, why not build a cat-safe area to keep them away from your prized plants.

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