7 Wild And Wondrous Animal Facts

Scientists captured footage of chimpanzees applying crushed bugs to skin wounds on themselves and others in their community.

Chimps treat each other's wounds

Swarming honeybees can produce as much atmospheric electricity as a thunderstorm, a study found. The denser the cloud of bees, the larger the electrical field it can generate. 

Bees may change the weather

As their clutches of eggs near hatching, most octopus moms will abandon their brood and begin to tear themselves apart, even going so far as to eat their own flesh

Octopus mom self-destruction

A recent study found that eastern tree frogs with high melanin levels were more likely to survive Chernobyl than highlighter-yellow ones.

Chernobyl frogs' rapid evolution

An elastic connective tissue from the snake's braincase, or skull, to its lower jaw allows Burmese pythons to open their mouths wide. 

Extremely flexible jaws in Burmese pythons

Researchers found that crows can distinguish paired elements buried in larger sequences, a cognitive ability known as recursion

Crows understand recursive patterns

A recent study revealed exactly how the spring-loaded mechanism in the males' legs works, allowing the spiders to spring upwards at speeds up to 2.9 feet per second.

Spring-loaded spiders

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