7 Things To Keep Out Of Your Kitchen, According To Designers

Keep countertops clear for a clean, organized look. Store items in cabinets to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.


Store rarely used appliances to maintain a streamlined appearance, emphasizing both efficiency and visual appeal.

Unused Appliances

Minimal, functional decor enhances style without overwhelming the kitchen space. Balance aesthetics and practicality.

Excessive Decor

Eliminate rarely used gadgets to free up valuable space, opting for multi-functional tools for efficiency.

Single-Use Gadgets

Replace old or broken kitchen items to improve both functionality and overall kitchen aesthetics.

Broken Items

Relocate seldom-used cookbooks to open up kitchen storage, ensuring that only essential items are within reach.

Unused Cookbooks

Old or broken kitchen gadgets and technology should be replaced with updated, efficient models. This ensures that your kitchen stays modern and functional.

Obsolete Technology

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