7 Clever Ways To Decorate With Mirrors In Your Home

There’s nothing more impactful than an oversized mirror to expand visual space, and double your space.

Oversized/floor-length mirror

Why not use a mirrored wall in a small, dark entryway? Again, this creates the perception of additional space and airiness. 

Mirrored wall

Another typical design approach is hanging a large mirror horizontally above the mantel or fireplace. This must be at the proper height and not too high over the hearth. 

Above the fireplace

Mirrors don’t always have to be conventionally rectangular or square. Opt for a geometric or a statement design when decorating with mirrors.

statement mirrors

a mirror gallery wall is a curated group of accent mirrors to create visual interest in the room.Before you hang them all up, plan your layout by placing all mirrors on the floor, in the position that you want.

Mirror gallery wall

Be it closet or sliding doors, mirrored doors can really open up a space, and are more suited for bedroom or bathroom interiors.

Mirrored doors

mirrored tables are great for reflecting light in dark rooms. We usually tend to have heavy or large wooden tables that can dominate the space, making a room seem darker.

Reflective furniture

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