10 Savvy Ways To Decorate On A Shoestring

Invest in one or two new pieces to mix with your existing textiles – florals, patterns or stripes all make happy companions.

Mix And Match

They may be a quick and eco way to refresh a room, but they’re not so cost-effective if you can’t keep them alive.

Hard-To-Kill Plants

If your cabinets have seen better days, consider replacing the doors with curtains. It’s a great way to add colour or pattern, and brings a quaint vintage feel to the room.

Kitchen Curtains

If storage is limited, make a virtue of the clutter, displaying functional pieces such as chopping boards, jars, platters and utensils on open shelves and countertops

Embracing Clutter

Wool carpets may cost more initially but will last for years. They’re also eco-friendly and can help save on energy bills as they’re natural insulators.

Wool Carpets

Vintage kimonos, silky robes, and sequined and feathered costumes in secondhand clothing stores would look great on an empty wall.

Everything Is Art

Give wooden units a facelift with a dash of paint – you might be able to get away with paint samples rather than full tins.

Paint Your Kitchen Units

Seek out pictures from charity shops, discard the prints and use the frames to create a wall collage. For budget artwork, frame a patterned tea-towel or vintage silk scarf.

Save On Frames

A headboard can really make or break your bedroom. Here, a DIY version has been fashioned from ticking fabric with a sturdy upcycled frame.

DIY Headboard

Your kitchen will benefit from some foraged accents like logs, dried herbs, interesting shells from a beach walk, or some wildflowers from a country stroll.

Get Foraging

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